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Hope – Faith – Peace – Love – Believe
Categories: A Piece of mind

What does this 5 word have in common : Hope – Faith – Peace – Love – Believe

If your answer is nothing,….
then think again, are you human or are you a robot?

For me, the similarity in those 5 words are : Human.

Without Hope, we human can no longer exist.
Why? Because we as a human, always strfing our way to face future, which in turn are Hope.

Faith is why we keep on making this journey thorugh our life
Hoping the future will be better

Faith is coming from our peace of mind.
If we can not keep peace inside ourself, there’s no meaning for faith of hopeĀ  to exist anymore

Love and Believe is two thing that should be goes along.
Love without believing is like Sea without water, and so for the opposite.
If we are loving but can not believe the reason for that love, why does we must love?
And so, if we believe in something without loving what we believeing, are we still human?
Or just robot running a dailiy routine

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