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Nobody in IT should ever say, “You’re my customer and my job is to make sure you’re satisfied,” or ask, “What do you want me to do?”

Instead, they should say, “My job is to help you and the company succeed,” followed by “Show me how you do things now,” and “Let’s figure out a better way of getting this done.”

Keluhan is a Good Thing. That’s what i said to special someone last “late” nite. Kebanyakan orang pasti beranggapan sebaliknya, bahkan menentang habis pendapat saya ini. Kebanyakan orang pasti berkata, semakin banyak keluhan diterima, maka semakin banyak pula kesusahan yang akan kita dapatkan. Keluhan selalu menjadi momok buruk, semakin sedikit keluhan maka semakin baik pula […]

What does this 5 word have in common : Hope – Faith – Peace – Love – Believe If your answer is nothing,…. then think again, are you human or are you a robot? For me, the similarity in those 5 words are : Human. Without Hope, we human can no longer exist. Why? Because […]